Mapopo x Theodore Kitchener : The Economic Crisis and How We Can Change the World 9.17

Mapopo x Theodore Kitchener :
The Economic Crisis and How We Can Change the World 9.17 7-9pm

An unwinding of the financial system means serious change is finally in our collective future.

Economic turmoil is on its way to Australia and has already set in elsewhere. A deflationary spiral, bank runs and credit default swaps, alongside peak oil and declining energy and resources in general are
set to cause a gradual collapse of industrial society.
While this is a daunting prospect, millions of people around the world
are preparing themselves and creating new systems to enable us to
prosper without much energy or money. Now is the time to get on board
and help demonstrate the desirability of such a life. Community,
permaculture, appropriate technologies and some financial strategies
can all make a big difference to individuals, families and

Learn how to get yourself prepared for the coming crisis and help
change the world. 

A fascinating talk that clarified and explained the foggy ideas I had about where society is headed and why. Theo translates his exhaustive research into plain language to chart the course of the world economy to its logical conclusion, and it ain’t pretty. At least I now know how to prepare, and to help others in my community cope with the changes to come. Plenty of innovative solutions for future challenges, I came away inspired. If you think you know it all – you don’t; if you think you don’t need to know – you do!
– Jed Walker, Transition Katoomba

Venue      |  Mapopo Community Farm, Ma Sik Road, Fanling
Registration |
Fee      |  Free Donation
Language   |  English
Inquiry    | / kaikai 6121 8961

about Theo |
 Founder of The Sharehood, a movement aims to build joyful, sustainable and resilient communities by encouraging people to get to know their neighbours and share with them. Imagine a world of vibrant local communities where people share to meet their needs and help others do the same.

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