Mapopo : Permaculture Workshop(25/3 ~ 20/5)

++ Mapopo : Permaculture Workshop ++ 25/3 ~ 20/5
Tutor: TV Yuen

Why Permaculture?

Why do we need Permaculture…
– to grow veggies & flowers on our rooftop?
– to grow a little veggie patch and a few pots of flowers in our backyard?
– to set up an organic farm?

– for social justice and sustainability in Hong Kong?
– if we wish our children to live well?

… rooftop is part of the nature
.…front yard and backyard interact with each other
.… farmers need to reduce costs and enhance productivity
.… another vision in planning is much needed for a sustainable Hong Kong.
… you will be giving them the best, understanding what is truly good for them.

About Permaculture:

‘Permaculture’ comes from the words ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’. ‘Agriculture’ means not only cultivation, but also humanity, ethics and traditional wisdom. It is a theory of design applicable everywhere from agriculture to town planning, commerce, education, career development and even the economy. We believe Permaculture is a solution to world’s crises.
Only when we can be self reliant on food and energy, we have options and freedom.

Permaculture – local examples:
SLOW Experience @ WanChai

‧1/F Bookshop + café (exhibition of locally grown food; retail business) <-> Rooftop: Composting (waste management; fertilizers production) + Farming (food production)
Mapopo Community Farm @ Fanling
‧Sustainable farming: Food waste/residue collected from urban neighbourhood -> Composting -> Local production of food -> Sale in local farmers market (community-based economy) -> Food supply to neighbourhood consumers cum food waste providers

Permaculture – workshop details
Dates : 25 March – 20 May, 2012 (9 X Sundays, 2-6pm)
Venue : Mapopo Community Farm (Ma Shi Po Village, Fanling)
Medium : Cantonese (Chinese handouts, aided by English interpretation)
Quota : 30 persons
Fee : HK$ 1,590
Where to meet : Regentville minibus terminal (open space outside Fairwood restaurant)
Transport : From Fanling MTR Exit A2, take minibus 52A/54A/56A and get off at the terminal
Registration :
Inquiry : / 6121 8961 kaikai

Permaculture – workshop topics
(1) Permaculture Ethics & Principles
(2) Zoning, Sectors & Patterns
(3) Design Principles
(4) Waste management
(5) Alternative Economy
(6) Design Practice


About 馬寶寶|Mapopo

馬寶寶,越大越有機! 最優質的食物,只能出產於腳下的一片土地, 由馬屎埔重新出發,發掘自主生活的可能。
本篇發表於 Permaculture 並標籤為 , 。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

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